honestly… if you expect me to wear lingerie on a not important day, expect to pay for it. that little strip of lace covering my nipples costs $80 nigga, this is not an all the time thing. 

you’re telling me I ain’t shit like I don’t already know it

I accept my flaws

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Lmao, yo.

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Anonymous asked:
What have you done to make karma want to give you an "ass-whooping" so badly?

Things that don’t need to be publicized on the interwebs.

Bill Maher on the criticism he’s received for his views on religion, his film, Religulous, specifically.

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This is extremely necessary.

Because yes

You’re the beautifulest thing I’ve seen today besides life
Shit NY Niggas Say



True. #hesapieceofshitdoe

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This is the most adorable thing ever

Somehow I am both of them

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